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The latest news on green travel and sustainable tourism, from green cars and tanker emissions to eco hotels and new train technology.

UK and world can avoid dangerous climate change and still live well, new analysis shows

The world can enjoy higher standards of living and more travel, while drastically cutting emissions to avoid dangerous climate change – but only with sweeping changes to our infrastructure, the natural world and agriculture, a new analysis has found.

Caroline Lucas: the Infrastructure Bill threatens our environment and ignores energy efficiency

What will £15 billion spent on roads do for air pollution? I’m tabling an amendment to the Infrastructure Bill because it’s time to start legislating for the common good, says Green Pary MP Caroline Lucas.

Cycling industry has created 650,000 green jobs in Europe

Europe’s cycling industry now employs more people than mining and quarrying and almost twice as many as the steel industry, according to the first comprehensive study of the jobs created by the sector.

Nissan LEAF lights up London skyline with electric car-powered graffiti

Electric-car powered graffiti has hit the streets of London to highlight the capital's pollution problem caused by vehicle exhausts fumes.

Businesses could boost productivity by encouraging cycling and walking to work

Environmental charities and sustainability experts are calling on company bosses to encourage their staff to walk and cycle to work and reap the rewards of a more productive workforce.

Electric car sales double in EU

New models helped sales of electric cars in the European Union double in 2013, but the zero-emission vehicles still only account for one in every 250 new cars sold.

Diesel vehicles may be charged in London

Drivers in London with vehicles fuelled by diesel will be charged an additional fee similar to the existing £11.50 congestion charge, if proposals by the mayor Boris Johnson are accepted.

Green team: six-bed Snowdonia guesthouse scoops top green hotelier award

A small, six bedroom guesthouse nestled in the foothills of Snowdonia has beaten the odds to win a prestigious award taken last year by the luxury Savoy Hotel.

EU agrees deal to cap production of food-based biofuels

A European political stalemate that has been blamed for stopping investment in the biofuels industry for almost two years appeared to have been lifted on Friday when European Ministers agreed to set a cap on the use of food-based biofuels in transport fuel.

Ecotricity accuses Tesla Motors of "smash and grab" over electric car charging sites

Tesla Motors, the luxury electric car maker, has been accused of bullying a UK green energy company and attempting to take over several of its charging stations at crucial sites on the UK motorway network.

British Airways green fuel plant to be based in Essex

A delayed project to supply British Airways (BA) with jet fuel from converted waste is a step closer after it was announced a location has been found for the GreenSky fuel plant, in Thurrock, Essex.

Budget 2014: £340m to repair flood defences and potholes

The chancellor has pledged £340 million towards repairing and rebuilding UK infrastructure ravaged by the winter floods and storms, announcing a £200 million fund to fix potholes and £140 million for flood defences.

London electric car scheme planned by French tycoon Vincent Bolloré

A point-to-point electric car-sharing scheme has been promised for London by the billionaire tycoon behind the Paris prototype, with thousands of new vehicle-charging points to be added in London this year.

Electric vehicles: it’s time for businesses to wake up to the benefits

With new models, new technology, improvements in infrastructure, and Government subsidies, more and more consumers are realising the cost and carbon benefits of electric vehicles – it’s time businesses did too, says Andreas Atkins, head of Electric Vehicle Services, British Gas.

‘1,000 free miles’ Ecotricity tariff connects up EV drivers with green energy

Ecotricity, the green energy supplier, is aiming to hook up more customers to its green energy by offering electric vehicle (EV) drivers that are customers around 1,000 miles worth of free electricity.

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UK and world can avoid dangerous climate change and still live well, new analysis shows
New Global Calculator shows world can enjoy higher standards of living whilst avoiding climate disaster
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