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Green Grants and Funding

Wise Up's latest and most up to date green biz grants and funding guide covering the UK and the nations and regions...

The economic austerity and the Government’s commitment to reduce the public deficit mean there are fewer grants and funding available then there once were to help UK businesses transition to a low carbon economy. National agencies have either seen their public funding slashed, as in the case of WRAP, or completely disappear, as in the case of the Carbon Trust. Regional green funding has been severely affected by the cutbacks to local authority budgets, and the shake-up brought about by the dismantling of the English regional development agencies, which once held the purse strings to much of the green funding at a regional level. 

However, new funding sources and investment vehicles have now come on stream, including the Government's £3 billion Green Investment Bank, the £2.6 billionRegional Growth Fund and the private sector operated Green Deal Finance Company (though this about to lose its funding). 

While a good deal of investment uncertainty exists because the green sector is still seen as risky, vulnerable to Government policy changes, there are a number of venture capital funds to tap into for innovative green projects and start-ups and cleantech investment funds looking to invest for the longer-term. 

Early-stage renewable and clean technologies, whether they apply to marine, carbon capture, smart grids or the built environment, can also seek funding via bodies such as the Technology Strategy Board and the Energy Technologies Institute.

Our updated Green Grants & Funding Guide aims to provide businesses with the latest information on national, regional and local green grants and funding available in the UK. 

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