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Ecotricity calls for “level playing field” for energy subsidies

UK green energy company Ecotricity has today challenged the Government to scrap subsidies for nuclear power and fossil fuels to create a level playing field after it slashes support for renewable energy.

Trade associations attack Government policy on renewables

The seven trade associations that represent the UK’s renewable energy industry have published a joint statement criticising the Government’s action of withdrawing subsidy support.

Shell abandons drilling for oil in Arctic

Shell has abandoned its controversial drilling operations in the Alaskan Arctic in the face of mounting opposition in what jubilant environmentalists described as "an unmitigated defeat" for big oil.

Scotland hits record-high renewable energy levels but warns of cuts

A record amount of Scotland’s electricity was generated from renewables in the first half of 2015.

MEPs seek binding 30 per cent renewable energy target at Paris climate summit

The European Parliament’s environment committee has voted for its delegation to the COP21 climate talks in Paris to call for a 40 per cent cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, a 40 per cent energy efficiency target and a binding 30 per cent target for renewable energy.

Government's green policies putting "green economy" at risk, warns CBI chief

The most senior voice of British business has blasted the government’s performance on the "green economy", warning that UK companies will lose out on hundreds of billions of pounds in opportunities for overseas exports if ministers do not reverse direction.

Work gets underway on UK’s first ‘split-ownership’ solar scheme

The UK’s first split ownership solar farm is now being built at Braydon Manor Farm near Swindon, Wiltshire.

Ireland and Scotland strengthen links on renewable energy

A suite of detailed reports has been published today concerning the coordinated development of offshore electricity grid and marine renewable energy projects between the jurisdictions of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland.

Solar: Government comes under increasing pressure to reframe cuts

Pressure is mounting on Energy Ministers to rethink Government plans to slash support for rooftop solar energy systems.

Green Investment Bank links up with offshore wind catapult

The Green Investment Bank and the Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult have today announced a three year agreement to work together to drive investment into offshore renewable energy through greater understanding and management of the associated risks, reducing the cost of energy from offshore renewables.

Deep decarbonisation pathways report finds 57% cut in CO2 possible by 2050

A new study from an international research consortium argues that deeply reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is technically and economically feasible in the world’s largest economies and major developing countries.

Leading global scientists and business chiefs back Paris clean energy plan

More than 25 world-leading scientists, executives, academics and politicians have called on nations to adopt the Global Apollo Programme (GAP) by the time of the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris in December.

Wales goes on the attack over changes to the Feed-in Tariff

The devolved Welsh Administration has accused the UK Government of pulling the plug on clean energy over their decision to change the process for application to Feed-in Tariffs.

Cuts to solar will damage public revenues and hinder green innovation

The Renewable Energy Association has released data showing that cutting the Feed-in Tariff for the UK’s renewables industry could result in a net loss to the Treasury, and to the UK taxpayer equal to the entire proposed budget for supporting the scheme in the next three years.

Scotland launches £224m energy efficiency and renewables drive

A new fuel poverty scheme, backed by up to £224 million from the Scottish Government, will help as many as 28,000 Scots heat their homes, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said today.

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Ecotricity calls for “level playing field” for energy subsidies
In Q2 of 2015, renewable energy provided 25 per cent of UK electricity - more power to Britain than the nuclear and coal industries
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