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Tories 'starter homes' would be exempt from zero carbon standard

Up to 100,000 new homes are to be offered to first-time-buyers under the age of 40 at a discount of 20 per cent if the Tories win the next election, David Cameron has pledged.

Solar could contribute more than nuclear to UK economy

Solar has the potential to create 60 gigawatts of generation capacity by 2030, supporting 50,000 green jobs and contributing £25.5 billion to the UK economy, according to major new research released today.

UN Climate Summit criticised for not going far enough

The widow of Nelson Mandela punctured the self-congratulatory mood of the UN summit on Tuesday, saying world leaders had failed to rise to the challenge of climate change.

Climate change: "no more important issue" for future generations, Miliband tells party

Ed Miliband made a firm commitment to tackling climate change today as he pledged to create one million high-tech green jobs by 2030 if Labour wins the next general election.

Government joins forces with Unilever and small businesses to create sustainable supply chains

The UK Government is joining forces with consumer goods giant Unilever to develop sustainable supply chains in third world countries at the same time as pledging millions of pounds of investment to help smallholders in developing countries tackle deforestation and manage scarce resources.

Worldwide day of climate change protests attracts thousands

From Melbourne to Manhattan, tens of thousands of people took to the streets on Sunday to stage the biggest display of popular support for climate action ever seen, and demand that their leaders take action.

"Collective sigh of relief" for business as Scotland decides to stay in the union

Most businesses will be breathing "a collective sigh of relief" the UK's biggest business group said today, as the Scottish electorate rejected independence by 55 per cent to 45 per cent.

Government given 'red card' for lacklustre environmental efforts

David Cameron’s pledge for the Coalition to be the "greenest government ever" has been shamed as MPs issued the government a "red card" for its lacklustre environmental efforts.

Green Deal: use tax incentives to rescue energy efficiency scheme, MPs urge

Stamp duty discounts, variable council tax rates and other financial incentives should be offered to help households reduce energy bills and revive the Government’s flagship conservation initiative, a group of MPs has urged in a scathing report.

'Demand-side response': cheaper and greener than building new power plants, say MPs

Britain risks locking itself into an expensive and unnecessary programme of power plant construction under flawed new policies being pursued by the Government, a key committee of MPs has warned.

Scottish independence could see exit of Green Investment Bank

The prospect of an independent Scotland is calling into question the future of the UK Green Investment Bank and how Scottish green infrastructure projects will be funded going forward.

Ed Davey unveils UK's strategy for climate talks in Paris

World governments are facing a "pivotal moment" on dealing with climate change, the UK's Energy Secretary will say on Tuesday, before a meeting of heads of state and government in New York this month.

UK's biggest coastal flood management scheme completed in Somerset

An ambitious and controversial coastal realignment scheme – billed as the largest in the UK in modern times – has been completed, with sea water pouring on to the Steart peninsula in Somerset for the first time in centuries.

Green issues to barely get a mention in Caroline Lucas' Green party conference speech

The Green party is positioning itself as the "real opposition" to the coalition, opening up a bitter fight with Labour on the left wing of UK politics, as the party’s key figures prepare to contest general election seats in parliament.

Small businesses hit by ongoing Green Deal payment delays

Small businesses say they continue to be left out of pocket and are facing job losses in the debacle following the sudden closure of a multi-million pound cashback scheme to drive take up of the Green Deal, the Government’s beleaguered energy efficiency programme.

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Tories 'starter homes' would be exempt from zero carbon standard
Zero carbon homes: Cameron would exempt 'starter homes' from green standard
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