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Election 2015: Tories right to buy is bad news for our sustainable homes crisis

Ignore the mudslinging. The problem with right to buy is that it’s a distraction we can ill afford from the real housing crisis – creating enough affordable, energy efficient homes in Britain – argues Andrew Eagles, managing director of Sustainable Homes.

Conservative's housing right to-buy pledge attacked for being unsustainable

The Conservatives have come under fire after David Cameron pledged to give people the chance of a "good life" by extending Margaret Thatcher’s right-to-buy scheme to 1.3 million families in housing association properties.

Election 2015: can we trust Ed Miliband on the green economy?

Ed Miliband wants to convince the voting public that he can be trusted to reduce the deficit, but can he be trusted to steer a green, as well as stable, economy if he becomes Prime Minister, Louise Bateman asks?

Greens pledge action on climate change and end to austerity in party manifesto

The Green party will launch its manifesto calling for a "peaceful political revolution" to end austerity.

US pledges to cut carbon emissions by 28 per cent ahead of climate talks

The White House pledged to cut carbon pollution by up to 28 per cent on Tuesday, boosting the prospects for an international agreement on climate change at the end of the year.

UK carbon emissions fall by more than a 10th in 2014

The UK’s greenhouse gas emissions plunged by 8.4 per cent last year, as household energy consumption slumped, the use of coal for electricity generation fell, and policies on climate change took effect, according to Government statistics released on Thursday.

Global carbon emissions stay flat in 2014

A slowdown in China’s economic growth helped the world to a pause in the upward rise in greenhouse gas emissions last year, according to data released on Friday.

Boris Johnson told to divest £4.8 bn City Hall pension fund from fossil fuels

Boris Johnson has been told by the London Assembly to pull City Hall’s £4.8 billion pension fund out of coal, oil and gas investments, after assembly members voted on Wednesday on a motion in support of the fossil fuel divestment movement.

Climate change march in London attracts more than 20,000 protestors

Thousands of climate change protesters gathered in central London on Saturday to urge strong action at the Paris climate conference in December.

Green technology must play key role in fight against climate change, says Sir David King

Green technology should be as much a focus of tackling climate change as the United Nations negotiations leading up to a crunch conference in Paris this December, the UK’s top foreign office adviser on climate said on Tuesday.

GPs to prescribe fuel poor with green home retrofit solutions in £3m scheme

The UK Government is preparing a national programme for doctors to prescribe boilers, insulation and double glazing to fuel-poor patients suffering from diseases exacerbated by cold homes.

Solar loses out in first £315m renewable energy subsidy ‘auction’

More than two dozen renewable energy projects, together capable of delivering more than two gigawatts of green electricity, are to be awarded hundreds of millions of pounds in subsidies in the first Government auction under its new competitive support mechanism called 'Contracts for Difference’ (CfD).

UK on track to hit renewable energy targets

The UK is on track to meet its renewable energy goals, with wind power substituting for gas and coal use and driving down greenhouse gas emissions, according to new analyses. However, the actions of the next Government are likely to be crucial in deciding whether the legally binding targets can be met.

Cameron, Clegg and Miliband sign joint pledge to tackle climate change

David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband have signed a joint pledge to tackle climate change, which they say will protect the UK’s national security and economic prosperity.

Ecotricity donates £250,000 to Labour Party

The renewable energy company Ecotricity is giving £250,000 to the Labour Party, and has accused the government of being deceitful on climate and energy policy.

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Election 2015: Tories right to buy is bad news for our sustainable homes crisis
The housing crisis is one of numbers but also one of quality
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