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Zero carbon Sigma Home gets energy efficiency upgrade

Green building news – by Beth Glanvill
5th October 2011
A leading distributor of electrical supplies and provider of energy solutions has 'retrofitted’ a zero carbon exhibition home at the BRE Innovation Park in Watford to demonstrate fully-functional energy saving solutions within the home.
Rexel UK has retrofitted the Sigma Home, originally built in 2007, by adding the latest state-of-the-art renewable and energy efficiency technologies. The aim is to demonstrate to professionals and the public how energy saving solutions work within the modern home.

Green features
Rexel’s new features include solar PV, an air-source heat pump, LED lighting, solar inverters and voltage optimisation. Another new technology being demonstrated at the house is an electric vehicle (EV) charger, specifically exhibited to help encourage housing developers to include them in future specifications.

"The BRE Innovation Park is world-leading and we’re incredibly proud to be showcasing our expertise in energy efficiency here," Brian Smithers, business development director of Rexel UK, said. "It’s clear that local authorities and private developers need to be thinking about the carbon footprint of their buildings and we hope the Sigma Home will provide inspiration about the best way forward."

Prototype design
The prototype Sigma Home was designed by architect Alan Budden of Eco Design Consultants for the Stewart Milne Group, winning awards in 2007 and thereafter. Since then the house has been on exhibition at BRE. It has also been lived in by a family in order for experts to monitor the energy efficiency of the Sigma throughout the year’s different weather conditions.

Rexel’s contribution to the Sigma aims to show what the modern home life could be like for people in the future.

"The work we’ve done on the Sigma Home reflects Rexel’s commitment to promote the latest energy saving solutions and it’s great to see them in action," Smithers said.

The first phase of Rexel’s Sigma redevelopment was launched at INSITE11, the event for industry professionals and the public, at BRE Innovation Park, yesterday.

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Zero carbon Sigma Home gets energy efficiency upgrade
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