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South West farms and shops join in reward scheme

Emily Smoucha
17th January 2011
Local farms and farm shops in the South West have joined in a brand new rewards programme designed to encourage customers to purchase sustainable goods.
The 'Ice’ programme, which launched today, works with environmentally conscious businesses to offer customers points for their purchases, which can then be redeemed on a variety of items, including furniture, clothes, the Eurostar and many more goods. Up to 15 credits can be earned for every £2 spent.

Local rewards programmes are nothing new. Cities and towns such as Portsmouth, Haslemere and Ashbourne have local shops reward schemes, while Brixton has its currency to encourage people to spend locally. Ice is different in that its focus is on promoting sustainable goods and businesses.

According to those behind Ice, the programme is designed to help decrease climate change through mass consumer purchasing power.

How the scheme works
The businesses selected to participate in the programme need, for example, to be selling goods with a smaller carbon footprint than similar products or be fully recyclable or Fairtrade items.

The discounts consumers can receive using the 'Ice’ points offer incentive for them to purchase local, sustainable food.

Farm shops in the South West, including the Farrington Farm Shop, in Farrington Gurney, Somerset, have joined the programme. Additional shops in the South West are expected to join it soon.

According to, Paul Castle, the boss at the Farrington Farm Shop, said: "Ice, with its generous rewards system, adds yet another layer to what we can offer and is going to revolutionise the number of consumers who can access farm fresh food."

Customers at Farrington can earn three credits for every £2 spent there.

Addition benefits
In addition to the reward programme, farm shops may also offer better prices due to the high cost of transporting goods to supermarkets. Close proximity may also offer additional incentive for customers to do their shopping at farm shops as petrol prices rise.

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