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Sony exceeds green targets as it cuts carbon by 30 per cent

Green business news – by Ann Elise Taylor
27th July 2011
Global electronics and entertainment giant Sony Corporation announced today that it had met or surpassed green goals laid out by the company in 2006 and had cut 30 per cent of its CO2 emissions in the process.
Sony’s environmental plan, entitled 'Green Management 2010’, included measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, waste, water use, volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions and the amount of electricity used in products over the course of five years from levels in 2000.

After data from Sony’s facilities around the globe was analysed and confirmed through third-party verification, the company discovered that it not only met but had exceeded many of its original targets.

The company surpassed its CO2 emission reduction target by 24 per cent, its waste reduction goal by 14 per cent and its water reduction target by 21 per cent, according to a release from the company. Though Sony’s VOC emission reduction fell five per cent short of target, the company said it was able to effectively reduce the amount of electricity used in products such as its 'BRAVIA’ LCD TV and 'Blu-ray Disc’ recorder.

CO2 reductions
To reduce CO2 emissions, the company adopted measures such as using alternative substances to replace those that are unsustainably manufactured and installing advanced energy systems in Sony offices and manufacturing sites.

Emissions reductions at Sony’s European sites were met partly through being powered by electricity from 100 per cent renewable sources since fiscal year 2008. Additionally, 99 per cent of waste generated by Sony Europe manufacturing facilities is now recycled, the company said.

Road to Zero
Sony’s next step will be to fulfill more forward-thinking targets identified in the company’s 'Road to Zero’ plan, announced in 2010, in which Sony pledged to be zero carbon by 2050. As part of this goal, the corporation will aim for a 30 per cent reduction in annual energy consumption, a 10 per cent reduction in product mass, a 16 per cent reduction in packaging waste and a 14 per cent reduction in transport CO2 emissions by 2015 (all compared to 2008 levels). The company has also set itself a five per cent reduction in utilisation ratio of virgin oil-based plastics in products (compared to 2008) within the next five years.

Additional goals for 2015 include reducing absolute waste generation by 50 per cent (compared to 2000) and reducing absolute water consumption by 30 per cent (compared to 2000).

Commenting on the zero carbon plan, Sir Howard Stringer, chairman, ceo and president of Sony Corporation, said: "From the development of new materials and energy efficient technologies, to the introduction of better processes in manufacturing and production, we will work aggressively to meet the ambitious targets we are setting for ourselves and, at the same time, establish a model for others in our industries to follow."

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