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Responsibility Deal promises better waste services for SMEs

Greenwise Staff
24th June 2011
A new deal between the Government and the waste industry will help small businesses better tackle their rubbish and save money at the same time.
Small businesses, such as independent shops and restaurants, are expected to benefit most from the Responsibility Deal, a new agreement between the Government and the Environmental Services Association (ESA), which represents the waste and resource management sector.

First announced in the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs’ (Defra) recently published Waste Review, the Responsibility Deal has been established to make it easier for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to cut down on their rubbish and save money, and recycle more of the waste they produce. It will also relieve the regulatory burden on those waste management organisations that are providing a better service.

"This is a groundbreaking deal that will help to boost growth in the green economy," said Environment Minister Lord Henley. "Businesses will benefit from more user-friendly waste management services and better advice on how to deal with their waste, while the Government will be looking for ways to recognise good performance by waste management companies and in particular to cut red tape for those who are doing the right thing."

Raw deal for SMEs
The UK produces 165 million tonnes of waste each year and the Government says businesses in the UK have the potential to save up to £18 billion a year on their waste bills by taking measures that will cost them either nothing or very little. But according to the Federation of Small Business (FSB), SMEs currently get a raw deal from their waste management services preventing them from playing their part in the move to a zero waste economy. 

Working together
Through the Responsibility Deal, Defra said the Government and the ESA will work with the FSB and other business trade bodies and chambers of commerce, to provide better waste management and recycling services for SMEs. The ESA and FSB will also work together to develop and promote best practice on making contracts more user-friendly.

"This Responsibility Deal with the waste management industry is very welcome. It is a good example of the way alternatives to regulation can work to achieve better waste management and recycling services for SMEs, and encourage better sorting of recyclable material to help the recycling industry," said Business and Enterprise Minister Mark Prisk.

ESA chairman Ian Goodfellow said the Responsibility Deal would enable the waste management industry address "many of the challenges" set out in the Waste Review.

The Review of Waste Policy in England sets out how Government plans for a zero waste economy. Its broad goals to improve services to householders and businesses include rewarding those working to reduce and recycle waste, making recycling easier by implementing more frequent rubbish collections, putting an end to frivolous bin taxes and cracking down on those polluting the environment through waste crimes such as fly-tipping.

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Responsibility Deal promises better waste services for SMEs
The Responsibility Deal will help small businesses, such as shops and restaurants, cut down on their waste
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