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Prisk unveils new low carbon ‘routemap’ for built environment

Green building news - by GreenWise staff
23rd March 2012
A new 'routemap’ is being developed for the construction industry to show the overall required emissions reductions the built environment needs to achieve and the measures that will deliver them up to 2050.
The 'low carbon routemap', which is still at draft stage, aims to map out the built environment’s pathway to meeting the UK’s 2050 carbon reduction targets and will consider what actions might be required to do so as smoothly as possible.

Prisk unveiled the routemap this week, at the same time as he called on construction businesses that have expertise in the sustainable built environment sector to help create a 'knowledge database’ to guide the industry towards a low carbon path.

The routemap and the 'knowledge database’ are both initiatives of the Green Construction Board (GCB), which was set up last November to deliver the Government’s Low Carbon Construction Action Plan (LCCAP). 

"The purpose of the Green Construction Board has always been to create a platform for Government and industry to work side by side to help the built environment prepare for the transition to a low carbon economy, while harnessing the business opportunities that support growth along the way," Prisk, who is co-chair of the GCB, said. 

Low carbon routemap
The GCB said it aims to work collaboratively with external parties to develop the routemap, which it is aiming to complete by the end of the year. 

"We are publishing a framework for this routemap which is the central piece of work against which the board’s success and progress will be evaluated," Dan Labbad, ceo of Lend Lease and co-chair of the GCB, said.

Call for evidence
Meanwhile, evidence from the knowledge database will be used to underpin the key action points that the board is currently delivering as part of the LCCAP.

"What better way to find out what works best for the industry, in relation technology and performance, than to seek evidence from businesses themselves?" said Prisk. "Ultimately, we want our actions to make the most impact and to best suit the needs of the built environment and a call for evidence will help us to do just that."

The LCCAP is the Government’s response to a report delivered by its chief construction advisor Paul Morrell, over a year ago that concluded the construction industry was facing the largest change management programme since the Victorian times. The report made 65 recommendations, all of which were accepted by the Government. These included introducing minimum standards for existing buildings by mandating that all non-domestic buildings have an EPC-rating of F or better by 2020 and that the Government make it mandatory to post Display Energy Certificates in all non-domestic buildings.

To formally submit evidence to the Green Construction Board visit the BiS website.

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