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John West provides full traceability of fish to public

Sustainable food news – by GreenWise staff
10th October 2011
UK canned seafood manufacturer John West has launched a new online application that for the first time will enable anyone to check whether its fish has been sourced sustainably or not.
In what is being claimed as a UK first, the 'Fish Finder’ application provides full supply chain traceability of John West tuna products by simply inputting a code printed on the top of its cans. The company said the Fish Finder would enable consumers to track "the exact source of the fish in their can", including the waters in which it swam and the boat that made the catch. The move is part of a five-year plan, launched by John West earlier this year, to source depleted tuna stocks more sustainably.

"John West is dedicated to tracing the supply chain of every fish sold so we can ensure that we continue to sell fish which is not under threat and is sourced from areas of world where the quantity of fish is high," Paul Reenan, managing director, John West, said. "We know the origins of every product in our range and we are committed to sharing this detail with all our customers, starting with tuna and rolling out across our other seafood ranges over the next 18 months."

Sustainability targets
In July, John West unveiled its five-year tuna sustainability plan, which committed it to sourcing 50 per cent of its UK tuna sales from pole and line by 2014. It also set out plans to stop its practice of buying catches where fish aggregating devices (FADs), which have been blamed for reducing tuna and other fish stocks, are used by the 'purse seine’ tuna industry. The tuna targets are part of a wider sustainability and marine biodiversity programme being undertaken by John West in consultation with Greenpeace and industry experts.

Fish Finder
John West has adapted it Fish Finder application from its own in-house supply chain traceability software. A spokesperson said it had been possible to do because John West owns all the fish fleets which make its catches.

The Fish Finder application is accessible from today on the John West website. Anyone can access it by inputting the country origin, barcode and can code, found on the bottom of every can, into the form on the homepage.

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