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IT firm launches ‘all-in-one’ virtualisation software solution

Greenwise Staff
19th November 2009
A leading provider of IT virtualisation solutions in Europe has launched what it claims is the first solution to incorporate both application and desktop virtualisation as a single product, slashing operational and management costs and dramatically cutting energy usage. 

Systancia, a French company that set up a sales office in the UK last month, says its AppliDis Fusion 4 can be managed through a single web console and virtualises all Windows applications and desktops, including Windows Seven, within the company's data centre.

Virtualisation works in three ways: by optimising resource sharing on a single server, known as server virtualisation; by allowing the installation of entire operating systems on a single server, called desktop virtualisation; and by allowing the user to remotely access applications installed on a server from any desktop device, known as application virtualisation.

Systancia says its new software simplifies the day-to-day administration and delivery of applications and desktops, thereby reducing IT operational and management costs by between 40 and 70 per cent and reducing overall energy costs by between 70 to 80 per cent.

“We are delighted to announce the launch of Applidis Fusion 4.0 which brings a new approach to the virtualisation market and, for the first time, combines all the functions that administrators require to manage and virtualise Windows applications and desktops,” said Sysancia founder and ceo Christophe Corne. “This means none of the compatibility difficulties of different third party solutions and ease of administration through a single console, which simplifies day to day management tasks and makes it quick and easy to virtualise machines.”

One of the main features offered by AppliDis Fusion 4 is an ‘intelligent usage detection system’, which enables intelligent load sharing across servers and decreases by around 30 per cent the resources required for hosting virtualisation services compared with alternative solutions.

Arnold Caupin, international development manager, said Systancia was the first European company on the market with this type of product. “For the last five years it’s been all be about virtualisation of the servers; now there is a emerging market in the virtualisation of the desktop. We can address all the needs of desktop virtualisation and application virtualisation,” he said.

Systancia’s virtualisation solutions are applicable mainly to companies with staff of 100 or more and the software is particularly useful for firms that operate sales workforces that are out on the road a lot, where ‘hot-desking’ is a requirement.

In France, Systancia has won contracts with companies such as FONCIA, Bouygues Telecom and APAVE. It is now looking to win big public and private contracts in the UK.

The company, which is headquartered in Mulhouse, France, said it expects European revenues to grow by 150 per cent in 2009.

IT firm launches ‘all-in-one’ virtualisation software solution
Systancia's virtualisation solutions can reduce energy costs by between 70 and 80 per cent
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