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International CCS network launched with UK involvement

Green technology news - by GreenWise staff
31st January 2013

The first international network to work collaboratively on carbon capture and storage (CCS) was launched today.
The network is being led by CO2 Technology Centre Mongstad in Norway and includes UK-based engineering firm DOOSAN Power. The international network will enable testing centres from around the world to openly communicate and share information.The network allows all participants to more efficiently research CCS.

It's launch comes at a critical time for CCS, which has yet to be proved at commercial scale. However development of the technology is being stalled because of funding issues. In Europe, vital funding for its development is in jeopardy because of the collapse of the carbon price.

"This is absolutely the right time to launch this knowledge sharing network," said Tore Admunson, chairman of the CO2 Technology Centre Monstad. "Everyday, in test centres around the world, we see advancements in CCS technology with new experiences, lessons, and solutions being developed. However, this knowledge is often not shared because there has been no appropriate forum for doing so. This network will change that for the benefit of everyone."

CCS technology captures excess carbon emissions from the burning of fossil fuels and secures them in safe geological locations. The technology could play a large role in cutting carbon emissions from fossil fuels when proven to work on a large commercial scale but the recent funding cuts could threaten the development of commercial level CCS in time to avoid serious climate change consequences.
The network aims to gain public confidence by communicating technology successes to a wider public, address regulator concerns by utilizing cooperative thinking among the centres, improve organisational efficiency by providing members with a global network of experts to facilitate mutual problem solving, safeguard people by sharing good health, safety, and environmental standards, and accelerate technology development by harmonising testing requirements across centres. The network plans to speed the development of CCS through an open network of testing centres, inviting other centres to participate as well.

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