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Enpure wins £60m contract in Greater Manchester PFI

Elaine Brass
26th May 2009
Enpure, the Birmingham-based environmental and engineering company, has won a £60 million contract to supply two anaerobic mechanical-biological-treatment (MBT) processing plants in Greater Manchester.
The contract is part of Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority's (GMWDA) Public Finance Initiative (PFI), which is one of the largest in Europe. Enpure will supply the two processing plants to engineering and construction group Costain, on behalf of its client, Viridor Laing Ltd. Viridor Laing signed a landmark, 25-year deal with GMWDA last month, part of which is to supply state-of-the-art recycling facilities to deal with the 1.3 million tonnes of waste that Greater Manchester produces annually.

Enpure will supply one of the MBT facilities at Bredbury Parkway and the other at Reliance Street recycling facilities, providing the design, supply, installation and commissioning of licensed technologies. The combined output of both plants will be five megawatts of renewable electricity.

At the Bredbury Parkway plant, 110,000 tonnes of residual waste will be treated every year. This will recover a high, calorific value fuel fraction for energy production, plus metals for recycling. The organic material will be treated by anaerobic digestion using Enpure's BTA Process, a technology that transforms bio-waste from households and commercial and industrial solid wastes into high-grade biogas and a valuable compost. The biogas will be converted to green electricity for export, and the dewatered digestate dried using waste heat to produce a low calorific value fuel for further energy recovery. In addition, odour control and waste water treatment will be provided.

The Reliance Street facilities will treat 63,250 tonnes per year of residual waste, producing a dewatered digestate product that is compliant with the Animal Byproducts Regulations. The design of the plant incorporates a balancing and wet pre-treatment stage followed by anaerobic digestion, also based on Enpure’s BTA Process.

Enpure managing director Malcolm Wilkinson, commented: "We are delighted to be involved in this prestigious waste contract, utilising our proven MBT technology and project delivery expertise".

Work across both plants is estimated to be completed by 2011.

Greater Manchester aims to be able to recycle and compost at least 50 per cent of all waste and divert more than 75 per cent of area’s waste away from landfill by 2015 – the greatest amount of diversion of all local authorities across the UK.

Enpure wins £60m contract in Greater Manchester PFI
Enpure has been contracted to supply two anaerobic digestion processing plants in Greater Manchester as part of the largest waste and recycling PFI contracts in Europe
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