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Environmental Features

Environmental features and news for businesses who want to learn more about moving to a low carbon economy. Read the latest Green features on GreenWise Business

Upping the stakes: can we swap financial returns for 'impact investment'?

More investors are coming forward with 'socially responsible’ funds, but their impact is equivocal. Could a new form of investment make a difference? Heather Connon reports.

Sustainable business: how we can learn from India’s ‘frugal’ innovators

India’s culture of jugaad, or frugal innovation, has helped produce a wide range of sustainable breakthroughs. Are there lessons there for the rest of the world? Ian Thornton meets the innovators.

Bringing closed loop into the mainstream: HP opens the doors on its pioneering plastics recycling

In an effort to reduce their environmental footprint and 'insure’ their businesses against the risks of a resource constrained world, more and more companies are introducing 'closed loop’ systems into their manufacturing businesses. But one company claims to be doing it on scale not seen before. Louise Bateman reports on Hewlett Packard’s printing cartridge recycling business that has seen it team up with a small, pioneering plastics recycling firm in Montreal, Canada.

Sustainable food: will the horsemeat scandal reverse the slide in organic sales?

Supermarket organic sales hit a nine-month high in February, after the horsemeat scandal broke. So could the food scare be the catalyst for the revival of organic sales in the UK and will it be the supermarkets or the independents that drive the growth? Matthew Zola reports.

Shipping: can new approaches lighten the carbon load?

The world shoulders a heavy burden when it comes to shifting our stuff. Can new approaches lighten the load? Michael Ashcroft weighs up the potential.

Smarter cities: building a more efficient and greener Manchester

This week, the Government announced that London would host the Future Cities Catapult Centre, a £150 million innovation hub to help cities work more efficiently while lowering their impact on the environment. But plans to build a resilient economy in Greater Manchester, promising new jobs and energy cuts, are already underway. Emilie Beauchamp reports.

The Green Deal: is it delivering?

The Green Deal, the Government’s flagship programme for creating energy efficient improvements to UK buildings and homes, is set to come under the industry microscope at this week's Ecobuild, the world’ largest event for sustainable construction and the built environment. Matthew Zola reports.

Environmental photography competition aims to inspire action on climate change

'Changing climates’ and 'building our future’ are among the themes addressed in a major competition of environmental photography to be exhibited at the Royal Geographical Society in London this Spring.

Crowdsourcing: does it hold the key to a sustainable future?

What sort of business leader would ask a bunch if strangers to write a strategy? A very wise one, says Tess Riley.

Sustainable food consumption: re-imagining our diets

Katharine Rowland seeks out the perfect diet for health, good cheer and the planet.

Green business: our top 10 stories of 2012

From sustainable food initiatives, to carbon credit scams, GreenWise gives you a run-down of its top 10 green business stories of 2012.

Power storage: how close are we to the holy grail of renewable energy?

Among the obstacles in the way of the triumph of renewable energy, one stands out: the lack of cheap, efficient means to store power. Now, it could just be starting to crumble. Matt Scotland and Caspar Henderson report.

Brand New World: how the relationship between brand and consumer is changing

A new dynamic between consumers and brands could be a real catalyst for change, says Emily Pacey.

Resource efficiency: how the food and drink industry is managing water scarcity

Oliver Balch finds out how the food and drink industry is rising to the challenge of dry times.

Green SME scheme helps housebuilder lay the groundwork to become Green Deal Provider

A few weeks ago Debonair Design opened its first eco showroom. The design and build company, based in Ealing, west London, has spent the last 15 years developing new residential builds and refurbishing and extending existing ones – and in the last three years, the company’s focus has turned increasingly to green building and eco-living.

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