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Environmental Features

Environmental features and news for businesses who want to learn more about moving to a low carbon economy. Read the latest Green features on GreenWise Business

Is property development in the UK going green?

Over the last few years, the UK property industry has been slowly moving towards a more eco-friendly practice. This includes not only sustainable design and development, but also a commitment to using contractors and practices during the construction phase that support energy efficiency and sustainability, both in choice of materials and disposal of waste.

How to Save Using Biomass

With each winter seeming wetter, colder and longer, many consumers are left feeling not only cold but completely skint. No wonder so many of us are considering new and advanced ways to not only stay warm but also save on our energy bills though most households simply suffer the cold in order to save, but there is a solution: Biomass Boiler systems.

On the brink of a breakthrough: Bill Gates predicts a clean energy miracle

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has pledged his belief in a clean energy miracle, predicting a breakthrough within the next 15 years.

From Marketing to Green Marketing: How marketing is changing and becoming more green

As you patronize your favourite grocery store or frequent your nearby clothing outlet, you're constantly told that something is organic, green or eco-friendly. It appears as if brands are obsessed with doing what's best for the planet. They're encouraging consumers to buy green, and at a premium price.

A Greener Home for a Better World

Being environmentally friendly isn't just fashionable, it is necessary. With the rapid depletion of fossil fuels, and the ever-growing abundance of global waste, it is our responsibility as consumers to invest in a more sustainable lifestyle

Green grants for start-ups

In today’s ever more environmentally aware world companies of all shapes and sizes are being expected to step up and improve their green credentials. For some this has posed serious challenges, particularly as the Government has introduced ever more stringent goals, guidelines and legalisation. Yet factoring in consideration for the world around a company can pay serious dividends, with 53% of consumers preferring to purchase from a company with a good, green reputation (Environmental Leader).

5 companies that have a green strategy

Commerce and industry are not normally associated with green ethics, however, some companies do have a very clear environmental strategy.

The future of energy saving solutions

As the digital era transformed everyday life our reliance on technology increased over the years so it comes as no surprise to discover that our general power and energy usage has gone up significantly.

How to develop your career in digital?

Here, we review how to boost your career prospects in the growing digital information sector. There is currently a strong demand for talent and the right strategy will help you focus your effort, save time and reap rewards perhaps surprisingly quickly.

Orangeries vs. conservatories: which is best for your eco home project?

Orangeries were first introduced during the Italian Renaissance: citrus trees and fragile plants were put under arcades closed off with glass windows to protect them from colder temperatures. Roof height was originally considerably high as orangeries were intended to provide shelter for very large trees.

How Can Businesses Profit From The Next Phase Of Japan's Comeback?

Having contracted in the third quarter of 2015, Japan’s economy has entered its fourth technical recession in five years. According to economics minister Akira Amari this is due to a lack of available workers for public projects worth billions of pounds.

Space: the key to an eco-friendly workplace?

Maximising floor space is good for any business. It makes your workplace look more appealing to clients, calms the stress levels of your staff members and improve their efficiency. But more importantly, an office that’s less cramped is more likely to be optimised to help the environment.

The eco-office: can you avoid being part of the problem?

In an ideal world, there’ll be a time when the term 'eco-office’ will seem as dated as 'gramophone’ or 'picture house’. If the world can wake up and see the impact their actions are having on the planet, then every business will become eco-friendly.

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