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Environmental Features

Environmental features and news for businesses who want to learn more about moving to a low carbon economy. Read the latest Green features on GreenWise Business

Climate-KIC Journey: the EU school helping to create tomorrow's green entrepeneurs

For the past two weeks, graduates from countries covering France to Japan have been working with London’s top universities and businesses to develop ideas that may crack the future battle against climate change. Thomas McMullan reports.

Circular economy: the rise of repair cafés and hackerspaces

A new breed of collectives is spearheading a "repair revolution" and opening up new opportunities for small businesses, reports Thomas McMullan.

Demand reduction: how Kiwi Power is helping businesses get paid for saving energy and avoid blackouts

Laptop-sized product monitors customer's energy usage and can cut it off in times of high demand – and the client gets paid for it.

Green marketing: World Cup mascot Fuleco lets the side down

There were high hopes that Brazil's World Cup mascot would create awareness around the country's biodiversity challenges, but he hasn't hit the mark.

From coal mine to wind farm: how the Oakdale onshore wind project is connecting to business growth

Just as a rail-road brings growth to communities, the Caerphilly County Borough Council in Wales has high hopes that two new wind turbines built on a former colliery – now a business park – will bring jobs and growth to the area. Thomas McMullan reports.

Fashion-conscious: from cheap garments to clothing to be proud of

Can the fashion industry find sustainable ways to address our appetite for style? Heather Connon reports

Sustainable food: how do we get insects on the menu?

The UN says we should all be eating insects – could making them as high-status as lobster help put them on the menu?

Low Carbon Workspaces: £5,000 energy efficiency grants for SMEs

Corporates and larger businesses increasingly have clear targets to reduce their environmental impact and cut energy use. The Low Carbon Workspaces project with grants of up to £5,000 aims to facilitate energy efficiency in the SME sector.

Grants available to help businesses cut the costs of travel

Sustainable Routes is a project funded by the European Regional Development Fund, offering grants of £1,000 to small and medium sized enterprises in the South East of England, to encourage the use of sustainable modes of transport.

£3000 grants for eco innovators in the South East

Organisations based in the South East of England that have a innovative eco product, service or process ready to launch – or that is already in the market – can now apply to the 'Grants for Eco Innovation’ scheme for up to £3,000 to help promote it.

Earth Hour: top artists put their creativity to work to inspire greener lifestyles

Top artists have created a series of posters to raise awareness about climate change and sustainability as part of a campaign by 'Do the Green Thing' and WWF-UK in the run up to Earth Hour this month.

Bread, milk and green power: shopping for renewable energy at your local store

At Bayside Milk Farm in Flushing, New York, customers can shop for homemade meals, fresh produce and, as of this month, green power.

Circular economy worth $1tr: World Economic Forum makes business case at Davos

It's one thing having a good business idea, but it is altogether another to show that it can transform the global economy, provide much-needed jobs, and be good for the planet.

Water scarcity: does a super canal from Scotland to London hold the answer?

A waterway could offer a sustainable way of meeting water demand as well as providing employment, flood relief and boosting tourism

The sharing economy: is Airbnb's legal trouble a sign of things to come for resource-efficient businesses?

The room-sharing company's fight with the New York attorney general is likely just one of many legal battles to come for the growing sharing economy.

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