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Trust, sustainability and the real scandal of the VW emissions tests

The VW scandal helps reinforce cynicism about the ability of the private sector to act in good faith and do its bit to tackle climate change, argues Adam Corner, Research Director for the Climate Outreach & Information Network and an Honorary Research Fellow in the School of Psychology, Cardiff University.

Energy efficiency: How can innovation help consumers reduce their energy use?

Planet First ceo Steve Malkin says it's not always snazzy gizmos, but innovations changing human behaviour that are leading to the biggest wins in energy saving

Slashing green subsidies will make it hard for businesses to invest in renewables again

The Government’s U-turn on renewable energy risks sending this country back to the dark ages of relying only on fossil fuel, argues Estelle Brachlianoff, senior vice-president, Veolia UK and Ireland.

Davies report: business flights are declining so why back a third Heathrow runway?

Business flights are falling and the airports commission should keep frequent flyers on the ground, not wave more planes into the air, argues Andrew Simms.

How worried should the green sector be about a Conservative Government?

The next five years will be crucial in the global fight against climate change but the Conservatives must improve their shaky record on green issues if they are to meet the challenge.

Election 2015: Tories right to buy is bad news for our sustainable homes crisis

Ignore the mudslinging. The problem with right to buy is that it’s a distraction we can ill afford from the real housing crisis – creating enough affordable, energy efficient homes in Britain – argues Andrew Eagles, managing director of Sustainable Homes.

Election 2015: can we trust Ed Miliband on the green economy?

Ed Miliband wants to convince the voting public that he can be trusted to reduce the deficit, but can he be trusted to steer a green, as well as stable, economy if he becomes Prime Minister, Louise Bateman asks?

How SME hotels can make big energy efficiency savings fast

Hospitality sector pathfinder shows how much can be saved to benefit the bottom line and cut carbon, says Mark Sait, ceo of SaveMoneyCutCarbon.

Communicating climate change: why pictures of polar bears don't cut it anymore

Climate change has an image problem. And it’s not socks, sandals and floral pattern hemp shirts. Typical depictions of the issue, such as homeless polar bears, steaming smoke stacks and swirling storms, are failing to provoke meaningful engagement. Work needs to be done to find a new generation of images that can switch people on and encourage them to take action.

Business sustainability: has corporate sustainability reporting stalled?

What could be less sustainable than reams of reporting that no one reads? asks Jeff Leinaweaver, principal of Global Zen Sustainability.

Caroline Lucas: the Infrastructure Bill threatens our environment and ignores energy efficiency

What will £15 billion spent on roads do for air pollution? I’m tabling an amendment to the Infrastructure Bill because it’s time to start legislating for the common good, says Green Pary MP Caroline Lucas.

Why UKIP is the 'great game-changer' in the unpopular Tory campaign to end onshore wind

David Cameron once fixed a turbine to his roof. Now his government is blocking the cheapest clean energy, says the Guardian's Polly Toynbee.

Facebook: is the social media giant guilty of hypocricy on climate change?

The stench of hypocrisy is wafting around social networking giant Facebook over its approach to climate change, writes the Guardian's Jo Cofino.

George Osborne: the burier of good news on the green economy

As the Government scraps its green economy statistics, the Chancellor lauds hi-tech industries of the future but then puts fracking first, writes the Guardian's Damian Carrington.

New York Climate Summit: it’s time foundations used their endowment might to trigger meaningful action

A week before the New York Climate Summit, 160 leading environmentalists from 44 countries are calling on the world’s foundations and philanthropists to use endowments worth billions of dollars to turn the tide on global warming. Jeremy Leggett, chairman of Carbon Tracker and coordinator of the declaration, sets out five options for foundations to accelerate climate work.

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