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Will renewable energy be able to sustain an independent Scotland?

As September 18th – the day Scottish nationals vote whether to stay in or leave the UK – draws closer, Peter Rolton, ceo of the Rolton Group and former government advisor on the UK’s Renewables Advisory Board, considers what the clean energy landscape may look like in a post-referendum, independent Scotland.

Renewable energy generation jumps by more than a third in South West

Renewable electricity in the South West has surged by 37 per cent in the past year –enough to now power over a quarter of the region’s homes.

£25 million biomass rollout underway at Bernard Matthews turkey farms

The UK’s largest biomass rollout has got underway with the first of 179 boilers installed at turkey giant Bernard Matthews' farms in the east of England.

Energy efficiency investment programme saves 1,500 Welsh jobs

A Welsh administration-backed energy saving programme has seen 1,500 private sector jobs saved across the nation's businesses in the last year.

UK winter floods could return if flood defence cuts not reversed, warn MPs

The devastating floods of last winter could hit England again unless Government funding cuts to flood defence budgets are reversed, MPs warned Environment Secretary, Owen Paterson, on Tuesday.

Threat of flooding as storms set to hit England and Wales

Torrential downpours from severe thunderstorms are threatening to bring flooding back to England and Wales on Saturday, according to a warning issued by the Environment Agency on Thursday. Both river flooding and flash flooding are feared, with only Devon, Cornwall and Pembrokeshire exempt from the risk.

Flood alerts issued for parts of London

The Environment Agency has issued flood warnings for parts of England, with up to 70mm of rain expected by Wednesday night in areas of Lincolnshire, South Yorkshire and the Humber.

Good Energy takes stake in Swansea tidal lagoon

Green energy supplier Good Energy has made its first investment in a UK tidal power project – the 320 megawatt Tidal Lagoon in Swansea Bay.

Energy for London to power quarter of capital's electricity from local low carbon sources

Boris Johnson has announced plans for the London Mayor's office to become the UK's latest electricity supplier with an official launch next year of a scheme aimed at lowering bills and bolstering the capital's energy independence.

National Trust switches on hydroelectric turbine in Snowdonia

A hydroelectric turbine in Snowdonia, Wales, will begin generating power on Wednesday in the National Trust's first large-scale renewable energy project.

Green Investment Bank takes £241m stake in “critical” UK offshore wind farm

The £3 billion UK Green Investment Bank (GIB) has made its first investment in a UK offshore wind farm that will be built using giant turbines of the type set to be manufactured on British soil before the end of the decade.

New UK factory to build ‘farm-scale’ wind turbines

A new factory has opened in the West Midlands to to build 'farm-scale’ wind turbines and offer an alternative income for cash-strapped farmers.

Flood damage costs across Europe to soar to €23 billion by 2050

The huge cost of flood damage is set to soar fivefold across Europe in coming decades, according to the first comprehensive analysis of risk across the continent.

Nearly half of Brits say UK storms are result of climate change

Nearly half of people believe that the floods and storms that have ravaged Britain for the past three months are a result of climate change, compared with just over a quarter who do not, according to a new poll.

London at risk of catastrophic flooding, warns Kingfisher boss

The centre of London is at risk from catastrophic flooding that would make Hurricane Sandy's impact on New York pale in comparison, one of the UK's most senior businessmen has warned.

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Will renewable energy be able to sustain an independent Scotland?
Scotland has among the best wind and marine energy potential in Europe
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